Mabel Elena Rivero



Dance is one of the most ancient forms of expression and communication practised by mankind.

I would like to invite you as a visitor to my website to accompany me on my academic journey throughout the worlds of classical and contemporary dance, and my traditional roots in popular dance: so diverse, yet so close in many of their aspects.

My Work

Tango argentino

Tango argentino

Intention, encounter, illusion…
The Tango is a lively dance, offering a myriad of stylistic possibilities and expressions.



The choreography is the writing of the dance, it is the art of composing sequences of movements.



Passion, exuberance and play in the artistic representation.

Tango argentino

The dance floor is like a breathing organism, full of harmony and with a beauty of its own. In the world of Tango, there are different kinds of embrace, different sources of movement and different ways of changing the distance between the two dancing bodies. This distance and the spatial options are closely connected to our choreographic elements and our improvisation.

Mabel Rivero y el tango
Clases particulares de tango argentino

Private Lessons

The goal of a private lesson is to discover one’s own body language, so that each of us can dance her or his own style.

By way of individually tailored training, the student can discover what the tango is about: a close encounter between dancer and dancer, a cooperation.

My classes aim to convey ways of improvisation as well as profound physical analysis and a practical understanding of the roles in Tango, so that we can create a smooth, playful dialogue with the music, with space and with each other.


During the seminars the participants will learn and explore different choreographic elements, doing an analysis of the technical and stylistic functions.

The workshops are lasting two or three consecutive days during a weekend.

Talleres y workshops de tango argentino
Viajes tangueros2

Tango Holidays

The movement of the city combined with work, study and everyday life determine our relationship with our own body. Sometimes it is necessary to make a short change of scenery, to find a suitable calmness or tranquillity, and therefore be able to develop another awareness connected with our body structure. The beauty of nature, in a holiday environment, could be a good way to obtain it!

In my teaching I work with the concept of propaedeutic of the dance. Applying elements from Release Technique and Classical Dance, with the purpose of developing a corporal training adjusted to the organic and integral necessities of the Tango Dancers.

The format of the classes vary between daily large group lessons, topic workshops and seminars in a very special ambience of work, motivated by the magic of the sun, the mountains, the rivers and the sea.

The “Práctica” is a very important moment inside this process. It is a space where the participants can exercise what they have learnt during the day or go deeper in their own ideas. This is a moment to exchange knowledge with the other dancers as well.

The intensity of the work during six or seven days of training, creating and exploring, allows you to modify old patterns of movement and integrate new technical tools in the dance.


A choreographer coordinates the requirements of the music, the space, the stage and the aptitudes of the dancers to make something magic arise.

Nowadays it is possible to see a choreography in different events like; anniversaries, presentations of books, samples of art, opening of commerce, street events, conventions, congresses, as well as others. In her choreographic work she interprets and connects the characteristic of the event, with the necessary resources to transform them into an artistic fact which represents the need of the client or event.

Mabel also offers choreographies in situations where the dance could become a conductive thread, i.e. cinematographic productions, short advertising, videos, etc.


My coreographic work

I began my coreographic journey in 1988 labor with the foundation of the dance company "The Jazz Group". In that year I choreographed the performances for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Primer Congreso de diseñadores de moda and the closing ceremony of the II Jornadas Nacionales de Ciencias Morfológicas, held in my home town of Rosario.

Coreografía: mis comienzos

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In her hometown and in Bs As, it has been employed at scenic productions for theatre and television.


Mi recorrido escénico

A long and fruitful journey that seeks to express the movement through different artistic forms, representative textures and emotional states. A path marked by jazz, contemporary dance, release, experimental techniques and, of course, tango, tradition of my Argentine land.

Performances y actuaciones

  • 2017 Der Kriminalist: Totentanz (XII, 9), dir. Filippo Tsitos. ZDF. Rolle: Agnes Cevera.

    Mabel Rivero ist Agnes Cevera
  • 2015 Sentimientos. Música: Bajo Fondo Electro Tango - Textos: El camaleón / Ulrich Sebastián Avenarius - Zahara de los Atunes - ESPAÑA
  • 2014 Abrojito. Música: Quinteto Real / Horacio Salgán - Tango Safari - Arezzo ITALIA
  • 2012 Después. Música: Roberto Goyeneche - Innsbruck AUSTRIA
  • 2011 TangoLoft meets Tango Safari. Música: Astor Piazzolla - BERLIN
  • 2008 Fruta Amarga. Música: Adriana Varela - BERLIN
  • 2007 Traficando Tango. Música: Nieblas del Riachuelo / Bebo & Cigala - Tango Bebop - BERLIN
  • 2006 Vi luz y subí. Música: Narcotango / Carlos Libedinsky - Schloß Elmau - Krün - ALEMANIA
  • 2005 Deux Xango. Música: Astor Piazzola - Milonga Las Chirusas - Rosario ARG
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  • Ballet


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