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Lebenslauf MabelRivero

Education and Training

My fundamental years of learning and artistic preparation took place in my native Rosario, on the banks of the Paraná River. The city of Rosario much like Buenos Aires, is a focal point for a cosmopolitan integration of races and cultures, the key ingredient of a rich and varied artistic and intellectual production.

Classical Dance

1977 - 1981
Diploma in Dance Teaching. Escuela del Ballet Municipal de Rosario. Director: Eduardo Ibañez.
1982 - 1991
Various advanced courses in Rosario and Buenos Aires (Prof. Eduardo Ibañez, Silvia Venerucci, Alfredo Gurkel, Lyde Peralta, among others).
Advanced training course in russian technique with Margarita Yusin (Bolshoi Ballet). Escuela de Ballet del Teatro El Círculo.

Jazz Dance

1985 - 1992
Jazz Dance training in Buenos Aires and Rosario with various teachers from Argentina and the USA.
1991 | 1992
Advanced training courses given by Moira Chapman (A Chorus Line, The Beauty and the Beast, Cats - Buenos Aires).

Folk Dances

Diploma in Spanish Dances. Academia Superior De Danza "María Candela". Rosario.
1994 - 1997
Tango dance specialization (Orlando Paiva, Mario Bournissen, Victoria and Jorge Colosio, among others).
1997 - 1998
Flamenco course with Elsa Alexander y Cecilia Benzoni

Modern and Contemporary Dance

1989 - 1991
Course of Limón Technique (Prof. Cristina Prates, compañía Danza Contemporánea de Rosario).
1991 - 1992
Course of Graham Technique (Prof. Marta Lozano, Freddy Romero).
Various workshops and courses of Release Technique (Prof. Rebecca Hilton, Trisha Brown, Donna Uchizonno, Nikki Castro, Randy Warshaw, Marcela Cejas, entre otros).
Various workshops and courses of Contact Improvisation (Prof. Violeta Rueda, David Farias,, Jeff Bliss).


Course of choreographic composition (Prof. Ruth Pacotti).
Course of choreographic composition (Prof. Ana Stekelman).

Dance Pedagogy

1993 - 1995
Group psychology degree, specialization in group dynamics. Instituto de Psicología Grupal Aplicada. Rosario
Course of body technique applied to dance: Feldenkrais Method (Prof. Nelly Ortiz)
Dance propedeutics seminars (Prof. Victoria Colosio).

Singing and Acting

1994 - 1996
Vocal techniques course (Prof. Miriam Cubelos).
1995 - 1996
Acting and theatrical technique course. Taller Escuela de Teatro de Rosario. Prof. Claudia Cantero.

Teaching Experience

Along with my artistic work as a dancer and performer, I greatly enjoy the opportunity to communicate my passion and knowledge for dancing in all its expressions. This is just a small selection of my work as a teacher and instructor throughout my career:

1989 - 1992
Dance Teacher of Jazz Dance. Centro deportivo La Olla (Org.), Rosario.
1991 - 1992
Dance Teacher of Jazz Dance. Centro deportivo La Olla, Rosario.
1992 | 1993
Jazz Dance intensive training course. Internacionales Producciones (Org.), Escuela n° 74, Santa Rosa.
1992 - 1994
Dance Teacher of Jazz Dance. Centro de Movimiento Corporal. Rosario.
Master Class of Jazz Dance for students and instructors. Mideastern Dance Exchange, Miami Beach.
1992 - 2001
Dance teacher of Jazz Dance and Contemporary Dance. Escuela Provincial de Danza "Nigelia Soria". Rosario.
1994 - 1996
Course of contemporary and traditional jazz in the musical comedy. Estudio de Comedias Musicales (Dir.: Nora Gonzalez Pozzi). Teatro "El Círculo". Rosario
Course on Tango Propedeutics. Academia Bio Champion, Santa Catarina, Brasil.
Body movement as a dramatic resource (course for actors). Complejo Cultural de la Cooperación. Rosario.
2002 - 2020
Workshops, seminars and classes of jazz dance, contemporary dance, and tango in Buenos Aires, Berlin and others european cities

On Stage

In a career that has spanned more than thirty years I have been blessed to be able to offer my art both in stage productions and in performances for television. Click on the link below and have a look at my work.

My work as a dancer and choreographer

Lebenslauf MabelRivero